Customized web sites
and digital marketing

Websites Creation
Accessible to carriers

A responsive website satisfies all types of users by updating only one website that will adapt to all screen formats.

Showcase website

The Showcase Site consists of one or many, more or less advanced pages (texts, images), on which the company describes its activity, its situation and its services. First step to spread its visibility on the web, create its website or its “showcase”.

Our partner Agence IDCOM WEB in Rhône Alpes and Bourgogne:

The advice and experience of our web experts

A Web team present in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

A tailor-made solution adapted to the client’s budget

A tailor-made interface web design designed for you

Scalable feature development

Creation of showcase site without subscription

CMS (content management system) website

Creating a manageable WordPress website.

CMS website have the possibility of being modified when desired. Training on the website is provided by IDCOM teams.

We offer the creation of manageable, tailor-made sites, without subscription.

Easily manageable WordPress website.

The possibility for our customers to have a password-protected interface allowing them to modify all the content of their website:

Text modification
Management of images, photos, videos
The creation of new pages, articles
Training in updating your website.

No need for web skills, you are able to simply administer your website after having followed the IDCOM training that we provide to all our customers.

Digital marketing

Google SEO

Thanks to Google positioning,be first in search engine results and effectively target the needs of Internet users.

Web referencing corresponds to all the actions and techniques aimed at improving the position of the website in these search results and optimizing its visibility on search engines.

SEO, SEA referencing is an important issue since it will generate traffic on the website and influence the number of visitors. IDCOM offers SEO natural referencing solutions and also Google Adwords (Ads) referencing campaigns, creation and management of digital campaigns on social networks.

Natural referencing:
Refers to all the techniques used to improve the positioning of the site in search engines and increase its popularity.

Paid referencing:
Corresponds to the use of advertisements such as adwords campaigns, purchase of banners, etc.

Social networks campaigns

With digital campaigns, make yourself known and keep in touch with your customers on social networks.

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram is essential for anyone who wants to be seen. If you want to promote your company or a product, opt for advertising campaign targeting on social networks.

Develop your notoriety on social networks.

Awareness digital campaign
Lead acquisition campaign
Facebook ad campaign
Instagram ad campaign
Linkedin advertising campaign

SEO-targeted ads are a method to grow your business and gain visibility.