Eligor is a french maker of models at scale 1/43 for most items Our cars and trucks models are of an exceptionnal high quality.

Who we are?

Eligor is a well established entreprise and wellknown as a leader into the production of cars and trucks models from the world.

To acheive such goal, Eligor own 2 production sites :

  • One in France, original site and headquaters, located at Izernore into Ain , in the center of the famous Plastic Vallee
  • Another one, more recent and modern, into the Guang Dong province, China

Our models are scaled down to 1/43 and 1/87 as main scales but also into 1/8,  1/50, 1/24 and  1/18 according to the client’s demand.

Eligor has invested into many new molds these past years to become the number one into Fire Trucks models.

ECN is the name of our Chinese factory and managed by John Vullierme; he has developped a new activity : car model at scale 1/8 or about one meter in lenght !

Our models are limited products, becoming collector items.

They can be customized for transport companies . They are used as promotional items or corporate gifts and also for best drivers.

Years of experience
Exclusive models already delivered

Our story


Jacques Greilsamer, son of a great Parisian car mechanic, creates the brand ELIGOR by combining the signs of his father’s two garages “ELITE” and “VIGOR”.


Louis Surber buys the ELIGOR brand and tools; later on, to develop all the ranges, he turns some former old plastic molds into die cast molds!


ELIGOR start to export and to customize items for shipping companies.


ELIGOR is acquired by Paul and Anne-Marie Vullierme. New tractors and new trailers complete the range. Most of the cars are delivered with accessories.


Eligor Club is created for collector fans.


One part of the production is now done in China to face an important competition . John Vullierme is managing this new factory.


ELIGOR manufacture 1/87 scale models.


ELIGOR work with Publishing Companies for different collections.


The company ELIGOR is doing well and propose a wide range of Firetrucks models, new tractors, new cars …

Development of a new model

From pictures, drawings or IGS files of the real life tractor we will develop a set of 3D drawings and a prototype to be approved by the truck manufacturer.

What we do in France

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